Helpful Tips


You get to Praia do Forte covering 60 km, the Coconut Road, a well-maintained toll road, from Salvador and the international airport.

There is no direct airport transport, except organized by van or taxi transfer:

We can support you in this journey that lasts about 45 minutes.

During the summer and holidays, the access to Praia do Forte is limited to residents with vehicles identified by adhesives.

At that time, we recommend visiting at different times, before 08:00 or after 18:00 to avoid any inconvenience to the queue.

Accessing by taxi, no problem, while access to rental vehicle must be made upon presentation of a supporting stay (lease).


In Bahia, temperatures range between the extremes of 17 ° C in winter to 32 ° C in the summer, but are relatively constant with an annual average of 25 ° C and tropical weather, hot and humid all year.

The sea breeze makes the temperature pleasant even on the hottest days.

The rainiest months are between May and July, but with some beautiful days of “winter.”


During the summer and holidays, parking in Praia do Forte can become a “delicate” mission.

There is winch service for removing badly parked vehicles and we recommend one of the paid parking lots:

The first is located at the village entrance, required during the summer for visitors (non-residents).

The second works all year and is located at the end of  the main avenue (Farol)

In the low season and during the week, you can easily park in several streets.


Taxis are located at the village entrance, near the banks

(71) 9903-7878

Bike: Rental on main Street near the Souza bar to ride in the village or forest reserve Sapiranga.

(71) 3676-0309

Taxi tricycles “Tuc Tuc”: Ideal for longer journeys as Castle or condo of the natural pools.

The point is at the village entrance next to the lake.

Rates between R$ 10.00 and R$ 70.00.

Pedicabs: 4 to 6 places and can be found in several places and especially on the main street or the Church square

Rates between R $ 5.00 and R $ 40.00

Electricity: 110 V.

Remember to bring a multi-adapter made for foreign equipment

Phone: (Foreigners) Possibility to buy a chip with a local number in the main street: Claro, Tim or Vivo

Dispensary: ​​Emergencies 24 hours

(71) 9963-6098

Hospital São Rafael: São Rafael Avenue, 2152 – San Marcos, Salvador – BA

(71) 3409-8000

Dental clinic:

Emergencies 24 hours- Refer to Aline

(71) 3676-1341

The post office: Opening hours: 08: 00- 16:00


Located at the village entrance and main street or in the ” Armazem da Vila” mall.

Opening hours: 10:00 to 15:00

Bradesco (71) 3676-1138

Itaú (71) 3676-1392

Caixa econômica: (71) 3402 87 00

ATMs: Itaú, Bradesco, Brazil Bank, Santander.

Generally available until 21:00