What Intercasas Brasil will add to the holyday rentals of my property?

Our goal is to optimize the occupancy rate of your property and we invest in listings through many global portals of the vacation rental industry. We attend with agility and in multiple languages, all requests received through these portals or our website. As the chosen plan, we support the owner with all the paperwork, logistics and resolving technical issues related to rental contract. We facilitate online payments and collection of deposit via credit cards. Our “Revenue management”program optimizes the prices of your property and our software synchronizes in real time reservations in all calendars . The guest service offers flexibility and quality in order to improve satisfaction and return rate of customers.

What are the pay-per-rental fees?

Intercasas Brasil has 4 types of packages according to profile and needs of the owner. http://en.intercasasbrasil.com/our-plans/ We do not charge fixed management fee and work with base rate of 17% according to the market. In the most complete plans, we include the international dissemination, booking, cleaning and laundry costs, plus fees of payment with credit cards, paypal and bank transfer to the owner.

Do Intercasas Brasil take care of the bills, water or other fees related to the house?

No, the owner is responsible for paying all of the property expenses, except cleaning & laundry services at checkins / outs (Plenitude plan).

Can my property can be advertised and administered by Intercasas Brasil?

Upon registration request made by the owner through our website or other channels, we visit and personally evaluate your property. We selected according to various criteria such as attractiveness, location, quality of amenties, style and global potential for vacation rentals.

What are the basic requirements to register my property?

Being owner or responsible for the property. The property must have a good condition and functioning, well equiped and furnished, easy access to beach, security, satellite TV and WIFI, in a word: All confort!

What is the term of my contract with Intercasas Brasil?

There are no validity or contractual exclusivity and termination can be performed by both parties at any time, with notice of 30 days. However the owner shall fulfill all the reservations already confirmed.

How are payments processed?

The rental payment is carried out by Intercasas Brasil within 5 working days after checkin via bank transfer or PayPal, with discount related to the fee of your pay-per-booking package.

How do I track reservations and turnover of my property?

You can access the owner’s space in our extranet portal, through login and password and view your calendar. The portal allows specific period blockage for personal use or booking made by other means. Intercasas Brasil can generate a monthly payment report available.

What is the procedure if the guest cancels the last minute booking?

Our cancellation policy is simple: Every booking is confirmed only by a pre-payment of 50%, non-refundable in case of cancellation within 60 days to the date of checkin. This prepayment, discounted of the commission fee will be passed on to the owner within 5 business days after cancellation, through bank transfer or Paypal. In case of cancellation up to 60 days before date of checkin, the pre-payment of 50% shall be refunded to the guest.

Should I hand over the keys of my property to Intercasas Brasil?

We can take care of the keys but you can also indicate a reliable responsible person dedicated to your home (cleaning lady…). We only request the full availability of the keys responsible.

Shall I be on site for keys delivery to the guest?

No, Intercasas Brasil take care of that for you, including the Basic package.

What is the guarantee in case of any damage caused by guests in my property?

We charge a rental deposit, usually via credit card, whose value agreed with owner would cover the most significant problems. We sign a rental contract with the guest, mentioning the maximum occupancy, preventing from extra risks. We prepare an inspection report with photographs during the checkin / out.