The Tamar Project started in the 1980s to protect sea turtles in Brazil, still appreciated by native fishermen

Currently the project is a sum of efforts between Fundação Pró-Tamar and Centro Tamar / ICMBio. It works in the research, protection and management of the five species of sea turtles that occur in Brazil, all of them threatened with extinction.

The Praia do Forte Visitors Center was created in 1982. Together with the research base, it occupies a total area of ​​ten thousand square meters, provided by the Brazilian Navy / Command of the II Naval District, around the Garcia D’Ávila lighthouse .

The biodiversity, the natural beauty and the historical and cultural richness of this tourist region make the Visitors Center one of the most frequented in Brazil, serving around 600 thousand people / year, among members of the community, students, researchers and Brazilian and foreign tourists .

Between tanks and aquariums, there are 600 thousand liters of salt water with specimens of marine fauna in the region and four of the five species of sea turtles that occur in Brazil, at different stages of the life cycle. It has multimedia, cinema, video, aquariums, tanks, permanent exhibition of photographic panels, shop and restaurant. A cultural space hosts events with national, international and local artists. The information is distributed throughout the space, through panels in Portuguese and English.


Tamar project
1 – Villa Monaco, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
2 – Villa Tahiti, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
3 – Loft St Florent, Itacimirim – 40 Km
4 – Villa Moorea, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
5 – Villa St Florent, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
6 – Villa St Tropez, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
7 – Loft Ibiza, Praia do Forte – 3 Km
8 – Villa Bora Bora, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
9 – Villa Cannes, Praia do Forte – 1 Km
10 – Loft Comporta, Praia do Forte – 2 Km